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Meet Tom, our resident building biologist.

Tom is based in Exeter, and travels around

the South West of England bringing his

expert knowledge to your EMF issues.

But here is Tom to explain himself....

Hi, I'm Tom. I’m a trainee Building Biologist. As a Building

Biologist doing home surveys, I look at the air, water and

material quality in a building to make sure it is conducive

to human health.

My particular area of interest is EMF, however, the dangers of which many people are now becoming aware. I use professional calibrated equipment by Gigahertz Solutions for my assessment of living and work spaces, as well as of body voltage, to determine the most prominent sources of EMF pollution. This often includes a range of wireless devices but also dirty electricity created by fields around house wiring.

Whilst there is much concern about 5G these days, many people are unaware of the issues with the devices and EMF fields they voluntarily expose themselves to in their everyday lives.

The remediation I suggest is generally cheap or free, and include changing back to wired connections, choosing light bulbs without RF emitters and good old fashioned earthing.

For those interested in the tech, I use primarily 3 Gigahertz Solutions meters to get a real-time reading of the overall exposure in a given space. These meters range from 5Hz up to 6GHz and cover most domestic sources. I have one additional meter that detects up to 40GHz but there is nothing in the typical home that emits in this range.

For as little as £50 I can survey your home/ work place and leave you with a healthier environment and peace of mind.

Contact for a free quote, or call the office 01458 831007 or mobile 07748 966120.

Tom in action with a Gigahertz Solutions Meter.

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