Mobiles for Tweens, Despite Warnings from Science

In an alarming article recently the BBC reported that most children are given their first phone at 11 years or younger. 42% of British children keep their phone on them 24 hours a day and never turn it off, and 44% of them said they feel "uncomfortable" when they can't get a signal.

Scientists and doctors have long called for serious restrictions on young children’s use of mobile technology. Bill Gates didn’t let any of his children have a mobile phone until they were 14. There is a good reason for this. Young children’s brains are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner, and the risk of harm from mobile technology is more likely to impact their health, especially with long term exposure from a young age.

children are also more suggestible to advertising, likely to be more impacted by the addictive delights of mobile phone gadgetry, and prone to peer pressure for the latest designs and apps.

And that's why mobile phone companies from as early as 2007 have been targeting children as young as 8. ( And even the cynical Disney Corporation has jumped on the bandwagon:

We live in a world where profit trumps concern for the health of our children. That's not a joined up world. Childhood cancers in the UK alone have increased by 15% since the nineties.

Many scientific studies see a correlation (see: this example study on Science Direct). though other factors must be taken into consideration (air pollution or agrichemical use, for example), we can’t rule out the role of increasing Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR). Today 1 in every 500 children will develop cancer. That’s a terrible statistic. 50 years ago cancer in children was completely unheard of. What happened?

Cancer Research UK says that after decades of research it still doesn't know why children develop cancer. What exactly does it do all day?

Robert Becker, Ph.D Nobel Prize nominee noted for his own decades of research on the effects of electromagnetic radiation says,

“I have no doubt in my mind that, at present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields.”

It is surprising to note that Cancer Research don't seem to look in the direction of RFR for causal factors. Also surprising that our government doesn't seem to care enough about our children's health to impose restrictions on mobile sales to tweens.

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