Orangutan Mesmorised by Mobile Phone...

I know it can feel overwhelming that we live in an electromagnetic soup 1 quintillion (1 plus 18 zeros) times more powerful and pervasive than it was 10 years ago. Where do we run to get away from it? Hardly anywhere on the planet is free from the effects of too much EMF - and the wildlife are suffering as much as we - though no doubt they feel it more than we do. We have numbed ourselves over time to all but the most obvious of the effects.

You may feel a foggy or agitated feeling when you get up from your computer screen at the office, checking your mini screen on the way to the car, getting home to eat and mong out in front of another, bigger screen (while checking your mini screen every 10 minutes from the comfort of your sofa). And yet, do you feel kind of weary? What physical exercise have you done? How can you feel so tired at the end of the day having spent it largely sitting? These are the more obvious effects. What EMFs are doing on a cellular level don't start to be felt until critical mass: your cells can no longer cope with the oxidative stress that EMFs produce and they start to become diseased - "dis-eased". You feel it first at the weakest point in your immune system. It might be debilitating headaches; it might be insufferable agitation or pain in your body; it might be a skin rash that gets out of hand; it might be a tumour.

As electrosensitives have said to me, you don't feel it and you don't feel it.....and then you do. And boy do you feel it. You feel it so much it changes your life. Quite a few of the electrosensitives I've met worked in IT and were constantly around EMF fields, elbow-deep in company routers. They were also the last to believe the logic of their symptoms until nothing else could explain or relieve them.

We don't want to wait for that critical mass before we do something to change the path we are on. We may not be able to get rid of the new 5G tower at the bottom of the street soon enough, but if we carry a device that is transmitting and receiving from that tower then we are irradiating ourselves every time our phone makes little pinging noises. We can do something about that. We can turn our phone off, put it in a phone case so it can't transmit anything while about our body. We can use it more sparingly and release our addiction to checking it all the time for messages. If it isn't receiving and transmitting then we are not irradiating ourselves so much.

Instead of using the phone for entertainment we could find an engrossing book. Streaming video while holding a smart phone is about the most irradiation you can do to yourself. Oh! The lost art of reading a book.

Someone who recently became electrosensitive, and therefore feels acute pain in certain EMF fields, said to me, "do you realise that everytime someone gives you a hug and they have a smart phone on in their pocket, they are irradiating you with their EMF field." Then he said, "that's not a loving hug."

So, the point of this rambling message is to think about your smart phone, what it's doing to you, and others, EMF wise. What it's doing to you psychologically is almost as bad. Every time you hear that little ping when you get a message, a facebook or instagram "feed", your brain releases a drop of cortisol - the stress hormone. That hormone motivates, nay compels, you to check your phone, because the action of checking the ping releases the dopamine that helps you relax. It operates much like a drug addiction. Let's face it, it is an addiction. I know, I used to have a smart phone, and I loved it very much. Since working in this industry and learning what I've learned, I had to let it go. (I have a 2G phone now).

As we become more conscious of what our smart phones are doing to us on several levels, then we can become more conscious of our choices around them. We can see how they affect us, our tweens and our teenagers, and then we can motivate each other to choose a different relationship with them. I'm not advocating getting rid of them (though that would be amazing), but learning to navigate their negative aspects, until something better is available.

A way to make your smart phone less addictive, believe it or not, is to make the screen black and white in your settings, instead of colourful. The colours (which are carefully chosen by tech companies) have a profoundly addictive effect on us. We are barely conscious of it. I once met a woman who knew about colours and had a business selling software that made smart phones more addictive. (Needless to say we didn't become friends).

I sometimes think we resemble head scratching orangutans when it comes to this tech and the way we interact with it. Check out the moment the orangutan in the video pulls up a blanket. So familiar!

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