This EMF protective long sleeved t-shirt is made from the highest quality radiation shielding fabric. 82% bamboo with 10% silver and 8% spandex.  Lightweight, breathable and soft against the skin.


Tested to at least 90% EMF shielding effectiveness over frequency range from 10MHz to 3GHz. Shielding efficiency = 55dB.


In addition the fabric has high anti-bacterial properties, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and minimizing body odour. This reduces the need for washing.


Available in small, medium and large sizes - we can also make to measure.  Please email or phone for special size requirements.


People often ask about 5G attentuation using this fabric. Here is a comprehensive answer:


The fine silver thread within this fabric blocks 90% radiation in the 10Mhz to 3Ghz frequency range, making it protective against current electrosmog. So you are 90% shielded within these frequency parameters. After that the graph forms a bell curve, It begins to drop off, meaning you will be protected at higher frequencies, just not 90% protected. A diminishment takes place as the frequency climbs higher. What does this mean for 5G?

Well, the 5G range operates within 3 frequency bandwiths, or tiers, as follows:

The so-called low band (600-700MHz) frequency will cover hundreds of square miles with 5G service - this is covered by all our current protective materials. So for example if you live in a reasonably rural area you can still be protected from the blanket coverage being imposed from Space X, Amazon and other 5G satellites.

A mid band (2.5/3.5GHz) phone mast covers a several-mile radius - this is mostly covered within the top of the bell curve, starting to attentuate at the higher end (after 3Ghz). Again, as long as you don't live close to a cell tower then you can still protect yourself in general from this frequency range using our Bamboo and Silver t-shirts. Some other materials in our store can cover higher frequencies.

Lastly, the dangerous bit - a high band (millimeter wave/24+ GHz) tower will cover a one-mile or lower radius (LED streetlights etc will likely provide this last mile of bandwidth). This last bandwidth is not completely covered by any reasonable protective clothing, and we are working on finding solutions for this. It could mean that we need to double up on our materials for those who are living close to small cell phone masts.

But I am confident that because of the bell curve, significant if not complete protection is afforded by using this material, so it will certainly help. But, and this is important, don't allow a 5G emitting mast near to your house, or any place where people spend a good deal of their time (especially children).


if you need any more information, how to send a non-consent form to your local council, for example, or more information on materials, I will answer to the best of my ability.



Bamboo and Silver T-Shirt Long Sleeved

  • Hand wash occasionally in cold water. Air dry. Do not iron, do not bleach, do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.

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