These soft and versatile beanie hats are made from high quality EMF protective fabric. They can be worn on their own, under your favourite hat, or as a night cap in bed to give your head maximum protection while you sleep.


The material contains 50% silver fibre. The woven radiation shielding fabric uses a new two-layer process to weave silver fibre into the back of the fabric. This not only ensures a high content of silver fibre to ensure a high radiation shielding effect, but it also solves the problem of possible oxidative discoloration over time, so your hat will not lose its appearance. Silver fibre also has antibacterial and deodorant properties so your hat won't smell!





Measurements: head circumference 54cm, length 23cm.


People often ask about 5G attentuation. Here is a comprehensive answer:


The fine silver threading within this garment blocks at least 90% radiation in the 10Mhz to 3Ghz frequency range, making it protective against current electrosmog. So you are 90% shielded within these frequency parameters. After that the graph forms a bell curve, It begins to drop off, meaning you will be protected at higher frequencies, just not 90% protected. A diminishment takes place as the frequency climbs higher. What does this mean for 5G?

Well, the 5G range operates in 3 frequency bandwiths, or tiers, as follows:

The so-called low band (600-700MHz) frequency will cover hundreds of square miles with 5G service - this is covered by all our current protective materials. So for example if you live in a relatively rural area you can still be protected from the blanket coverage being imposed from above with Space X, Amazon and other 5G satellites.

A mid band (2.5/3.5GHz) mast covers a several-mile radius - this is mostly covered within the top of the bell curve, starting to attentuate at the higher end (after 3Ghz). Again, as long as you don't live close to a phone mast then you can still protect yourself in general from this frequency range using many of our products. Some other materials in store (for example the cotton hoodies) can cover higher frequencies.

Lastly, the dangerous bit - a high band (millimeter wave/24+ GHz) mast will cover a one-mile or lower radius (LED streetlights etc will likely provide this last mile of bandwidth). This last bandwidth is not completely covered by any protective clothing, and we are working on finding solutions for this. It could mean that we need to double up on our materials for those who are living close to small cell towers.

But I am confident that because of the bell curve, significant if not complete protection is afforded by using our materials. But, and this is important, don't allow a 5G emitting cell near to your house, or any place where people spend a good deal of their time (especially children).


if you need any more information, how to send a non-consent form to your local council, for example, or more information on materials, I will answer to the best of my ability.




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"Silver-Threaded EMF-Blocking Caps Improve Autoimmune Disease

In a recent case series, patients wore shielding clothing and tenting consisting of silver-coated polyester threads interspersed with bamboo fibers that were partially capable of blocking penetration of microwave electrosmog. Due to anecdotal testimonies of improvement, researchers decided to distribute standardized garments that would shield the brain and brain stem in order to systematically analyze the results.


In this study, 64 patients with assorted autoimmune diagnoses such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), multiple sclerosis (MS), Sjogren's syndrome, and celiac disease, many of whom were disabled and house-bound, were recruited. Subjects wore the silver-threaded cap for four hours at night and for four hours during the day, and patient-reported outcomes were collected. Impressively, 90% of patients indicated a "definite" or "strong" change in their symptomatology, which is at variance with the 3% of the population that is estimated to be sensitive to electrosmog.


Some researchers have attributed this so-called electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) or idiopathic environmental intolerance (IEI) to the nocebo effect. However, Dieudonné explores the possibility of a psychosomatic mechanism in the journal Bioelectromagnetics, and concludes, "Overall, symptoms appear before subjects start questioning effects of EMF on their health, which is not consistent with the hypothesis that IEI-EMF originates from nocebo responses to perceived EMF."


In this groundbreaking study, it is also telling that the researchers found the therapeutic efficacy of the silver-coated caps to be so theoretically plausible that they decided the idea of using a control group was unethical. These authors concluded that autoimmune patients exhibit a pronounced susceptibility to electrosmog at levels normally encountered in home and occupational environments, and hypothesized that the exposure may be contributing to their disease etiology."






Beanie Hat EMF protective, adult unisex

  • HAND WASH ONLY! To preserve the life of your beanie hat hand wash only very occasionally in cool water (below 30 degrees) with a neutral detergent (not containing bleach). Drip dry away from strong sunlight. Do not bleach, do not dry clean, do not tumble dry, do not wring, do not iron. NOT MACHINE WASHABLE.