If you must watch Netflix with your laptop or tablet on your knee (yep, we've all done it), then get comfy with EMF protection. The Lap Blanket, made with wool, has an extra layer of thick polyester/cotton/silver EMF proof material to help shield your delicate reproductive organs from the full impact of your rash decision.

Scientists are beginning to see the link between the use of wireless technology and increasing infertility in the West. Using the Lap Blanket gives you blanket protection. Available in black&white check or red tartan.


Dimensions: 94cm x 73cm



Lap blanket, radiation shielding

  • Frequency(MHZ)

    Shielding effectiveness(DB) The percentage of shielding(%)
    1000 34.66 99.965
    1500 30.07 99.901
    2000 29.03 99.901
    5000 43.02 99.995
    10000 36.09 99.975
    15000 35.54 99.972


  • Wash carefully in cold water. Air dry, do not iron, do not bleach, do not tumble dry.

    Shrink and wrinkle resistant fabric.

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