We all love to walk barefoot on the beach, but most of us are unaware of the essential grounding effect of barefootedness that supports our health and wellbeing. With most modern shoes earthing is impossible because of the insulating effect of rubber or plastic soles, and in winter no one but the most committed sadhu wants to wander around barefoot, so a pair of earthing shoe straps is a simple but brilliant invention for modern life in the northern hemisphere.


With a resistance of 1 Ω (Ohm), wearing a pair of these on your shoes while walking forms a grounded connection between you and the road, pavement, dirt track or field to discharge static from the body and prevent further build up through the "Umbrella Effect". If you want to see physicist, Richard Feynman's famous effect, there's a handy diagram in my blog post Ground Yourself!


Made with conductive rubber at the sole connected to a knitted ribbon with conductive metal filaments that tucks into your socks. Static discharges to the ground through the ribbon and the conductive rubber. I recommend you wear a pair (not just one), for a more consistent effect. (If you just wear one then your only grounded while that one foot is on the ground).


These earthing straps attach to a variety of shoes as you can see from the photos, with an adjustble strap and a quick release clasp. The inner layer is soft so doesn't harm the shoe, the rubber underneath is flat and unobtrusive for the wearer (so you don't get a Princess and the Pea situation!) and the double thickness makes them hardwearing and reuseable.


Great for attaching to your hiking boots to get the full benefit of the great outdoors.


The plain black look makes these reasonably unnoticable in public, but I wrote on mine to make them a feature! The writing is of course optional (and free).


Earthing Shoe Straps (pair) Adjustable