This handy phone case is made of high quality, hard wearing and double-stitched material, with a layer of EMF protective material to block all signals when the phone is in your bag or pocket. It can also protect your phone, bank cards or car keys against RFID interception, preventing ID theft.

The size fits all standard sized smart phones with enough space to fit your cards and key fob as well.  It's high quality means that with reasonable use it will last a lifetime.


PLEASE NOTE: Always put your phone on aeroplane mode, or preferably turn it off, BEFORE putting into the phone case.  In some cases, if left on, the phone may produce more radiation trying to find a signal from the confines of the case. EMF Consultancy cannot guarantee the case will shield all radiation effectively UNLESS the phone is either TURNED OFF or in AEROPLANE MODE. 

Signal blocking phone case