Made from high content silver fibre fabric (50% silver fibre, 50% nylon), these silver leggings can shield against non-ionising radiation from 10MHz up to 40GHz, at high average levels of 62dB. This means your delicate reproductive and pelvic region, as well as your legs, can be shielded from ambient 5G radiation of up to 40GHz, which is more than adequate for current frequency levels.


These leggings also look great under short dresses and tunics, and keep your legs warm as any pair of winter tights, with the added bonus of 5G protection.


Available in x small, small, medium and large sizes. If you want a bespoke size then we can make for you if you provide measurements. 


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Silver Linings Leggings - EMF/5G protection

  • To preserve the life of your silver fibre item, hand wash in cool water (no more than 30 degrees), air dry, do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not bleach, and do not dry clean.

    The fine silver fibres can fracture and cause radiation to seep through if spun at high speeds, so to reduce this possibility and extend the life of your silver fibre material please avoid machine spinning.