This gorgeous snood has 3 layers for comfort, warmth and protection.


Inner-lined with 100% silver lining which blocks from 30MHz to 40GHz of RF frequencies at a minimum of 62dB.  There is a fleece layer on the inside of the snood and a smooth satin jacquard on the outer side.


The three layers makes this both a warm snood for winter, fully protective of the delicate thyroid area from the effects of RF electrosmog including 5G, and a chic and unique addition to your outer wear.
The silver lining has been tested for its efficacy to a high specification using an international testing house.
Available in three colours as shown in photos : blue, green and black.
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Washing instructions: To preserve the life of your snood, hand wash in cool water (not more than 30 degrees), or use wool wash cycle. Air dry, do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not dry clean.
People often ask about 5G attentuation and there is conflicting information out there. Here is a comprehensive answer:

The fine silver lining in this garment blocks 99.99% radiation in the 10MHz to 40Ghz frequency range, making it protective against all electrosmog including 5G. So you are 99.99% shielded within these frequency parameters. After that the graph forms a bell curve, It begins to drop off, meaning you will be protected at higher frequencies, just not 99.99% protected. A diminishment takes place as the frequency climbs higher. What does this mean for 5G?

Well, currently the 5G range operates in 3 frequency bandwiths, or tiers, as follows:

The so-called low band (600-700MHz) frequency will cover hundreds of square miles with 5G service - this is covered by most current protective materials. So for example if you live in a relatively rural area you can still be protected from the blanket coverage being imposed from above with Space X, Amazon and other 5G satellites as the impact from these on electrosmog is relatively low.
A mid band (2.5/3.5GHz) mast covers a several-mile radius. You can still protect yourself from this frequency range using this product as it protects well within these perameters.

Lastly - the alarming tier that has everyone worried - a high band (millimeter wave/24+ GHz) mast will cover a one-mile or lower radius (LED streetlights etc will likely provide this last mile of bandwidth). Up to 40GHz of this bandwidth, is covered by this product. Above 40GHz the bell curve will start to drop off. So this product will offer some protection above 40GHz, just not 99.99%.
At the moment 5G is not yet operating at the higher end of this bandwidth, as far as we know. Currently the higher band is operating at 27GHz.  But the higher millimeter waves are intended by industry to be used for next generation technologies including higher bandwidth 5G, and eventually 6G, within the next few years.

Silver Linings Snoods EMF/5G protection